Trinidad Coloniales


The picture above features one of my favorite Cuban cigars from Trinidad, the Trinidad Coloniales.  This was one of my favorite cigars a few years back, I smoked many and loved every one of them.  With a 44 ring gauge and 5.1 inches long you get an hour and a half of some of the best cigar smoking time that Cuba has to offer.  This cigar comes in a box of 24 cigars, not 25, and is rolled with superior Cuban tobacco.

This is a creamy cigar with vanilla and caramel flavors dancing around the profile.  Some spice usually enters into the picture in the second third and this cigar ends with  a medium strength finish that is perfect for any afternoon cigar smoking moment.  Not overly complex but as soon as you light this “petit corona”, you’ll easily taste tobacco flavors that were initially enjoyed by the privileged few as they were given out as diplomatic gifts since 1969.  All Trinidads are rolled at “El Laguito” in Havana and are said to be of the same quality tobacco as Cohiba but without the third barrel fermentation process.

In 1998, the Trinidad brand was finally released to the public but only produced one size cigar, the “Fundadores“, exactly the same size as the Cohiba Lanceros, a 38 ring gauge by 7 1/2 inches in length.  In November of 2003, three new sizes were introduced by Trinidad; the Reyesthe coloniales and the wonderful Trinidad Robusto Extra.  The Trinidad brand released the Trinidad Robusto-T, last year in 2010 which was a big success.  I loved that cigar which was a bit shorter at 4 inches long and a 50 ring gauge and packed with rich flavor.

The more I spend time thinking about authentic Cubans versus counterfeits, I see the advantage to searching out cigars, like Trinidad, which are more likely to be the real thing.  Basement cigar factories in Havana tend to roll cigars that sport the more popular labels like Cohiba, Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta.  We’ve all smoked them, I’d say that 99% of us find them disgusting and should be avoided at all costs.  One more reason to move forward and search out Cuban cigars that the rest of the pack does NOT smoke exclusively.

Tinidad Robusto Extra.. A Special Occasion Cigar


Other than the slight tear in the wrapper ( which was inconsequential ), any guy would look at this picture above and say that yes, all is right in the world.  The weather reached a high of around 24 Celsius, which isn’t bad for the tail end of September in Canada, the wind conditions were favorable for cigar smoking on the course, we were with good friends and the “Swaneset Links Course” was in terrific shape.  I’m not sure I shot my best game but it didn’t seem to matter.. Nothing mattered!

The Trinidad Robusto Extra seemed a bit tightly rolled, which gave me some concern but after I clipped the pig-tail end I realized that the perfect draw revealed that this cigar was rolled with patience and great care.  The burn was very very even and needed no touch-ups at all until I set it down to rest.  These are very special cigars !

The more Trinidads you smoke, the more you’ll recognize their distinct flavor profile which includes vanilla woods and white pepper.  This is a spicy smoke right from the start, it builds in strength and should be considered a full flavored cigar but never becomes harsh, even at the end of the final third.  Anyone who is familiar with the Trinidad Reyes, would probably agree that this Robusto Extra has just a bit more variances in it’s profile than it’s smaller cousin.  It costs a bit more but you have to agree that as soon as you light one up, you’ll see where the extra money went.

This 50 ring gauge, 6 1/8 inch long masterpiece is the perfect, “Special Occasion” cigar and always having a few on hand means that you’ll be ready to experience the finest smoking experience that Cuba has to offer.  This cigar also ages very gracefully and will reward you with a smoother and smoother profile the older it gets.

Trinidad EL 2010 And Golf

By looking at the picture above you’ll see 3 things that stand out.. First you’ll notice that I am at the golf course.. Second thing you may notice is that I’m smoking a Trinidad Short Pobustos Edicion Limitada 2010.  The third is that I really DO need a new golf glove but the rest of Canada is under a blanket of snow at this time and I’m out golfing..

I picked this cigar up from Trevor at ” The Vancouver Cigar Company ” last summer and have been letting it age in my humidor for about 8 months.. Was that a good decision?  YES !!  This was a nice cigar when it came out last year but I’m so glad that I had the patience to let it sit because now it has become, in my humble opinion, a beautiful classic tasting Trinidad..

I’m a big fan of the Coloniales and still believe that it is one of the best cigars out there for the money but in terms of flavor and construction, last year’s EL is a strong competitor.  Although only 4 inches long and a ring gauge of 50, I was able to smoke it for over an hour on the back nine and I was very sad when the last half inch was left sitting in a divot on 16..

What is the perfect golf cigar??  Well….. All of them are perfect !!  Each and every Cuban I smoke out there help me feel comfortable and relaxed and, to some degree, very lucky..

Trinidad Short Robustos T Edicion Limitada 2010

Trinidad is definitely one of the premium brands from Cuba today but started in 1969 when Fidel Castro and different members of the Cuban government used to had them out as diplomatic gifts but in 1998 they became available, in smaller quantities, for export and the rest of the world started to enjoy them.  Originally only one size of Trinidad hand rolled cigar was produced, the Fundador ( Founder ) at a length of 7.5 inches long and a ring gauge of 40 but lately Trinidad has been coming out with many sizes to choose from with blends from the pick of the Vuelta Abajo region.

As I finished the first third I again detected this brand’s richness with honey and spice and the 2010 entry showed much of both taste sensations as the cigar developed.   This particular Short Robustos would age very well, revealing further flavors that develop in the humidor.  I’m guessing 2 more years will turn this cigar into something memorable.

3 BIG Favorites

Anyone reading this blog and following it for the last few months will probably know of my passion for the 3 Cuban Cigars in the Picture.  I’ve written about them before and have described my love for these 3 and for all of the various reasons.

The first cigar on the left is the H. Upmann Magnum 48.  This limited edition cigar came out last year and I believe that by contacting Trevor at “The Vancouver Cigar Company”, you can still probably get a box of these at a reasonable price.  At 4.3 inches long and a ring gauge of 48, you’ll get a flavors of all of the beans, including vanilla, chocolate and loads of coffee.  This was a BIG seller last year and anyone lucky enough to get their hands on a few more of these will have treasure in their humidors as long as they can hold on to them without smoking them… But, hey, what’s the point?? We’re on earth to enjoy them, aren’t we?

The second heavy hitter is the Trinidad Robusto Extra.  The biggest cigar of the three comes in at a generous 6.1 inches and a 50 ring gauge and delivers all of the finest Trinidad flavor that has ever left the rolling rooms at El Laguito.  Remember, Trinidad cigars were handed out as diplomatic gifts, like their older cousins Cohiba.  A wonderful quality with perfect construction and even burn and well worth every penny you spend on them.

Also sitting in the picture with a 50 ring gauge and 4.8 inches of Cuban beauty is the Bolivar Royal Coronas.  This Robusto is one of the cigars that many older experienced Aficionados reach for when picking a cigar to compliment a heavy meal with earthy and complex flavors that are very very consistent from cigar to cigar.  These are very well priced for what you are getting and, for that very reason, many smokers ALWAYS have these on hand for either special occasions or a beautiful evening smoke.

Choosing either one of these great great cigars will remind you as to why we are so passionate about Cuban cigars in the first place.

Trinidad Reyes

Have about an hour or so to smoke a beautiful little gem from El Laguito??  Why not try a Trinidad Reyes for a glimpse into the profile of cigars that used to be given out as diplomatic gifts along with the Cohiba brand back in the days when Castro used to do a lot of world travel.

With 4.3 inches and a 40 ring gauge you get varied flavors as this cigar burns, very evenly, from third to third.  Slightly herbal with cedar and leather as this cigar burns into the second third and although some more adventurous Cuban cigar smokers go for the larger Trinidad Robusto Extra, the Reyes is more suited for someone with a bit less time on their hands.  I would recommend this cigar for a morning outing on the golf course or a mid-day break to relieve a bit of stress, perfectly paired with a coffee and a warm park bench.

This little beauty came from a box dated Sept of ’08, which gave a bit of age to the tobacco, mellowed it to a medium strength and a bit of sweetness. I rate this cigar very highly because of perfection of construction ( as you’ll find in all of the Trinidad line ), draw and burn.