Cigars and Wine

This will be my first post in this site that is NOT cigar related but as you read further you’ll see that if it is wine you drink as you smoke a fine Cuban cigar then this will be one of the most valuable posts yet.

I tend to spend a lot of time traveling and in my travels I find myself in airports more often than I like and in those airports I’ve lost more valuable objects to airport security than I’d like to admit.  One of those objects was a fine corkscrew and for the life of me I’d love to know how dangerous a corkscrew really is but, whatever, life goes on.  The next thing is that I will find myself in either a hotel room or in some other environment where a corkscrew is NOT available and the hunt is on……. Well fear no more!!!!

Watch this and be prepared to be amazed!!!!!!!!!  The film is in french but it doesn’t really matter!