Cohiba Behike 54

A few days back I felt the need to go for a drive in the rain.  This was an afternoon when not a lot was going on and I wanted to have a cigar in a warm, dry and windless environment so it seemed fitting that the car would be the best place to light up a cigar I had been wanting to smoke for a while now.  This years new addition to the Cohiba line, the Behike, is a much anticipated release which uses the Medio Tiempo leaves from the top of the tobacco plant.

I was struck with the realization that the usual Cohiba flavors were not present in this great cigar as I enjoyed the first third.  I’m a lover of the Cohiba Robusto, with it’s varied flavors and incredible rich performance but the Behike was quite a bit different.  I found the “54″ to be a very easy cigar to smoke, considerably smoother and more complex then the Siglo series but please remember that every day a cigar can taste differently so don’t quote me on this.

The construction was impeccable and this cigar burned very evenly right down to the end.  I was trying to think of how I could best describe the flavors of this cigar and the dark chocolate kept coming through in the first and second thirds.  The dark chocolate mellowed a bit into the final third and got a bit creamier, which I found to be very pleasant.  Coffees were subtly present but seemed to come and go as the cigar burned and I found the whole experience to reveal a beautifully balanced Cohiba example.

These cigars can be difficult to obtain and so I’d recommend getting them whenever you find the chance.  Canadian cigar shops should probably have them in stock from time to time, look for them, pick up a few and smoke them while they’re young to see for yourself what the buzz is about and then save a few for a few years as well.