Cohiba Piramides 2006

From time to time you’ll smoke a cigar that will redefine perfection and, for me, I think that this LE from 2006 is the one.  I smoked one back in January and I have a few left in the humidor but, more than any other cigar, this Cohiba is haunting me and calling me over to the humidor on a daily basis.

My patience, which I only have a small amount of, is being pushed to the limit with this Piramides.  The best tobacco leaves, I’m guessing the best rollers and a few years of aging has turned a bunch of fermented leaves into a perfect symphony of balance, taste and an experience that simply doesn’t come around often enough in life.

My birthday is coming this summer in July and I’m hoping for perfect weather because that night I’l be reaching for my flame and toasting the end of the perfect cigar.