Cuban Cigar Smoking, A Solitary Affair

So often I sit alone and become transfixed on the subtle nuances that appear in the different flavors in a good Cuban.  I have to admit, it becomes intoxicating and sometimes takes all that I have in terms of concentration to be able to identify and properly label every flavor that I taste.  Then there are times I will show up at a gathering of cigar smoking friends and we share stories about the different fish we have caught, movies we have watched or pretty much anything that comes to our minds but whenever I take that next puff I am reminded that for that moment in time I am all alone and experiencing something very unique and personal.  So the question I have to ask is, ” Is cigar smoking a solitary affair?”  I think that we are solitary beings even in a crowd and we all taste something different much like the fact that 2 people will always see the same color differently.

Yeah I can hear you now as you ask yourself, “Can we be sure that its cigars this guy is smoking?”

Cigars are all I smoke but I ask myself from time to time if its possible for 2 people to smoke 2 cigars out of the same box and taste exactly the same flavors. The answer is no and this is what I find so fascinating about this passion we share.  The first point I’d like to make is that tobacco blending is not an exact science, oh they get it very close but each hand rolled cigar coming out of Cuba is more of an original work of art compared to machine made cigarettes or a bottle of your favorite diet cola.  The second point is that your taste buds will behave differently in the morning than they do in the afternoon or after a heavy meal at night.  I don’t know about you but I greet that fact with somewhat of a bittersweet feeling.  On one hand I’m somewhat frustrated that I can light up a robusto one night and experience total Nirvana and two weeks later it doesn’t have the same effect.  On the other hand two weeks down the road I can be rewarded with an experience so superior that I wonder if the cigar even came from the same factory.

I know that this happens to all of us but the fact remains that whether we are alone or in a crowd Cuban cigars give us flavors, whether we can identify and properly label or not, that take us away from the crowd and back into our own solitary selves.