Olympic Gold And Cuban Cigars Bands

All of us at The Vancouver Cigar Company are proud of our Olympic athletes and are very excited about the medals they’ve won so far, 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze.  After looking around the ‘net at the different Olympic medals awarded through the years, I think that this year’s design is modern, sleek and very beautiful.

I would love to see our athletes step on to the podium many times before these games come to an end and hopefully they’ll be wearing gold as they step off.

What I find interesting about gold is the amount of it we see on Cuban cigar bands.  One of the more elegant bands on a Cuban cigar comes from Vegas Robaina.  The classic golden ” R ” stands out and identifies some of the highest quality Cuban cigars.

Another more complex but striking band is from Hoyo de Monterrey. This brand is a personal favorite and can be smoked early in the day or after a heavy meal.

I don’t think we could speak about gold or Cuban cigar bands without paying homage to the band that identifies the peak of Cuban perfection in cigar production, Cohiba.  The gold pops off the band and announces that a cigar rolled with the most care and highest quality tobacco has just entered the room.

The majority of Cuban cigar bands contain gold, in fact, very few of them are NOT adorned with that regal color..

And just as a footnote, wouldn’t you agree that this last band from San Cristobal De La Habana is also a real winner?