Cohiba Esplendidos…


I watched a movie not long ago and noticed that this one character would smoke cigars, which appeared to be a Cohiba Esplendidos by my guess… If it were so and an individual would want to appear dignified, powerful and show great taste, then why not a cigar of this stature, a better prop could never be found.

As I look at the above picture, I remember moments smoking these cigars when conditions were right and I would have a cigar who’s time had come and a perfect balance of hay, pepper, dark chocolate, cedar and coffee dance together on your palate as this Julieta No 2 burns down in a wonderful symphony.   It is very hard to get better cigars than this very popular 7 inch by 47 ring gauge Churchill from Cohiba.

These cigars are made from the best leaf from the Vuelta Abajo tobacco region and rolled by some of the best torcedores in Cuba, I have never had any sort of draw or burn issues with this cigar.  This is the type of cigar that is usually first in line to become counterfeited and copied by very inferior replicas that taste terrible and leave you wondering what sort of barely flammable ingredients were included in the production of these fakes.  Do whatever you can to make sure you get the real Esplendidos , go online and study the sometimes very subtle differences in appearance of both cigar AND packaging.  Also remember that these cigars cost a bit more than other premium Cuban cigars, so if you’re offered these at an extremely slashed rate then you’ll be heading into dangerous territory.

I’ve noticed that Vancouver Cigar is offering boxes of 10 Esplendidos at a %40 discount this summer.  This is a great price for authentic Cuban cigars…