Cuban Cigars Vs….All Of The Others

For the last 5 or 6 years I’ve smoked nothing but Cuban cigars with passion, adoration and utter addiction.  Before that I tried Ashtons, Arturo Fuentes, Carlos Toranos, Luis Martinez and cigars from other fine companies that have world wide success.  I read articles in Cigar Aficionado that speak about wonderful cigars from the Caribbean to the Canary Islands. These cigars make it into the top 25 cigars of the year and who am I to say that these aren’t beautiful examples of fermented tobacco rolled into utter masterpieces?

I am only one person with somewhat of an opinion and here I sit in front of my computer wondering why no other country has come up with a product that gives me the same pleasure as what I smoke that comes out of Cuba.  This is a question that, I’m sure, has baffled many many others way before me.  Is it the soil?? Is it the unchanged production steps?  Is it the packaging??  Is it the old and ancient rolling rooms, drying sheds and factories that make these products in Cuba??

I would guess that maybe it is all of the above but there is one point that haunts me and probably a lot of others in the cigar industry.  I’m guessing its the soil!! It has to be!! After all, its the same seeds taken out of Cuba after the revolution and planted in soil on islands that aren’t all that far away from Cuba.  I’ve seen the red soil that Cuba is made up of, smelled the ocean air and baked in the Cuban sun.

Maybe its just me but I haven’t smoked anything that gives me the same charge as a beautifully aged Cohiba, Partagas or Hoyo do Monterrey.  I know I’m not alone.  If ANYONE can give me a suggestion of a cigar that has the same beauty as a fine Cuban cigar, please let me know. Thanks!