Hoyo de Monterrey - Double Coronas

A few years back I found myself standing at the counter of ” The Vancouver Cigar Company” beside a gentleman who was buying a box of Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas.  I had also been over to the humidor and had picked 3 HDM Epicure No 2’s, we had something in common.  I asked him if he also enjoyed my pick of the day to which he answered yes but added ” more is better “… I knew he wasn’t commenting about the number of cigars I was about to pay for, it was the size !

That comment stayed with me, so after a few months I went back and picked up a few HDM Double Coronas to see for myself if his statement had any merit.  As always, I found that Trevor keeps a close eye on the humidors in the shop and the DC’s were in beautiful condition… You wouldn’t believe how some shops treat the Cuban cigars they sell, I’ve seen completely dried out cigars with cracked wrappers for sale..  This past summer I’ve even found a shop on the prairies that were selling Punch Coronations that were riddled with little holes…… Think about it ! Buying Cuban cigars from a shop where people CARE about their product makes all the difference.

What I found with this 7.6 inch, 49 ring gauge Prominente was the journey it takes you on from mild creaminess evolving into a nutty sweet coffee then finishing with a spicy beany final third.  This is not a cigar you’d expect would burn quickly, you better have at least 2 hours on your hands in order to give it sufficient attention.  Some consider this DC to be a perfect morning cigar and I have to agree because of it’s gentle approach which never gets harsh in the least.

I still believe that one of the best Cuban Robustos is the HDM Epicure No 2 but if you have a bit more time to enjoy a fabulous DC the Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas is what you should experience.