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Machine made Cuban cigars

If you are new to Cuban cigar smoking and are a little intimidated by the size of an average Cuban cigar, try a machine made cuban cigar. Machine made Cuban cigars are like little cigarettes that contain shredded Cuban tobacco (Hand rolled Cuban cigars contain the whole tobacco leaf). Much of the processing is done by a machine hence the name ‘machine made cigars’. Again, avoid inhaling smoke even if you are trying out a machine made Cuban cigar.

Machine made cigars are just as big as any other cigarette but still not designed to inhale into the lungs. A machine made Cuban cigar is a great ‘gateway’ cigar to all other premium hand-rolled Cuban cigar.Sometimes people get machine made Cuban cigars if they are very short on time and only have ten to fifteen minutes to spare. They are also more affordable than the hand-rolled version so if you are running a little short – you can always enjoy a machine rolled Cuban cigar.

Of course the quality of a hand-rolled Havana cigar is nothing compared to the machine rolled Cuban cigar but for the first timer, it is still a wonderful experience. Today over eighteen Cuban cigar brands offer machine rolled Cuban cigars. If you must try a machine rolled cigar, pick from one of the Cuban brands as they are the only kind that contain 100% Cuban tobacco (Unlike the American machine rolled cigars that have several fillers).

We are currently living in some wonderful times as you can not only try hand rolled Cuban cigars but machine rolled cigars too. Regardless of your budget, taste or style, today anyone can enjoy the precious Cuban tobacco.