Montecristo Puritos… Small And Smooth


The picture above shows an interesting toy that came from Germany back in the 50’s.. The 1950’s, to be more exact..  It is a tiny dog with wobbly legs that stands on a small wooden piece of cut dowel.  Underneath the toy is a wooden button that you push and the dog wobbles and dances as the legs relax and tense with every push.  You have to understand that this is a small toy that fits nicely in a child’s hand so that should give you some idea of the size of the cigar that leans against this contraption.

The Montecristo Puritos is a small cigar with a ring gauge of 26 and a length of 4 1/3″.. Like I said, small.. When I first started smoking Cuban cigars I had no idea about strength, size or anything and always assumed that the larger ring gauge cigars packed more of a punch so I would usually opt for a small ring gauge cigar and found that these little guys could be a bit mean when they wanted.. Not so with the Montecristo Puritos, in fact these are some of the sweetest tasting and easy to smoke cigars you can find.

This is the perfect cigar for a short ride in the car or a quick smoke after breakfast.  I wouldn’t say that you’ll be getting a very complex flavor profile because I believe that there is just so much room inside one of these little cigars and not a great variety of tobacco leaves go into it’s construction.  That being said, you’ll be very surprised, as I was ,a few years back when I started buying them.  Flavors of leather and subtle cedar are present and as you sit back and enjoy one of these little Montecristos don’t expect any form of harshness because you won’t find it. These are as smooth as can be.

When I started experimenting with cigars of this size, I ran the gamut of brands and with what was available in this size and I can honestly say that Cuba produces some very surprising results with cigars so small.  Cohiba, Romeo y Julieta and  Partagas also produce cigars with the same dimensions and each brand will amaze you with, what I consider to be, feats of magic!