Need More Humidors

So this morning I wake up and realize that I have too many cigars and not enough humidors..  I go to Craigslist and see that one is for sale in town and for $50 I’m thinking what the heck, maybe I should take a look at this offering.  There are a few things to consider before buying a humidor.

1….. Is it well built and will the top close snugly so no moist air escapes??

2…..Is the interior made of spanish cedar??

3…..Has it been used before me and should I be concerned about any unwanted visitors that may be laying dormant in any cracks??

4……Where was it built?? Sometimes there are humidors that come from street sales in Cuba and, to tell you the truth, they really aren’t built all that well….

I guess before I lay my money down I better make sure that all of my questions are answered…. I think that with all the love we have for our cigars, we have to make sure we’ll be storing them in the right environment. Good luck out there!