Notes Of Chocolate

In so many cigars we smoke that come out of Cuba we can detect the unmistakable taste of chocolate.  Some times it can be a sweet milk chocolate, a dark chocolate or a burnt chocolate but its in there.. No two ways about it.  One cigar I’ve smoked and have been enjoying immensely has been the Romeo y Julieta Exibicion No. 4 and make no mistake about it, this one has chocolate loaded in the profile from the first puff.

Hoyo de Monterrey cigars have the taste of cocoa in many of their complex and beautiful cigars in different degrees but once again, you can’t dispute it in any way.

Try a Trinidad Robusto Extra and once again you’ll detect slight amounts of cocoa in this complex and exquisite blend.

But, in my humble opinion, the chocolate factory of them all is ever present  in the Cohiba line.. From the Esplendido to the Maduro 5’s, you’ll find yourself tasting Chocolate in almost every puff. There’s no getting around it and I truly believe that in every cigar smoker you’ll find someone with a giant sweet tooth.