Partagas Junior

I spent the morning in the garden with my shears, sprinkler and Partagas Junior !

This little 4.6 inch, 40 ring gauge coronitas never lets me down when I want a cigar in the morning when I’m in the garden.  Images and smells of the indoor courtyards in Havana come to mind whenever I light up one of thdese in the garden.  In Havana you’ll always detect the smell of fresh flowers and cigar smoke around noon in the hotel courtyards after a morning of seeing the sights of that great city.  Smell it once and you’ll never forget it.. Oh yes, there may be a slight odor of Cuban rum in that equation as well.

If the Partagas profile is what you’re looking for then you’ll find it every time in this smoke.  Slightly peppery, slightly spicy as well and give it a few years in the humidor and you’ll get a beautiful balance.  Actually, aging these are highly recommended, they are very consistent and come in a fine aluminum tube that will keep them in good shape when you go out at night!!!!