Partagas Series D No. 5 LE 2008

I just finished this wonderful cigar from Partagas and I have to tell you how enjoyable it was.  I’ve checked out a few reviews that this has had and I’m quite surprised as to how mixed the results were.  Some people said it had no character, no interesting flavors or almost anything good at all to say about it at all………. WRONG !!!!!!!!

Now maybe they smoked it when it was quite young but this being 2010, we see that it has had a few years to age and I just have one word to describe the flavors that I got out of it…. BEANY….. Seriously beany….. Loads of chocolate and no shortage of vanilla.  I wasn;t sure about coffee though… Maybe it was in there, maybe I just couldn’t taste the subtleties concerning coffee but the other two bean flavors made up for any lack of coffee..

I have to admit, this petit robusto was a very different tasting cigar from Partagas.. Very unique and interesting… I want to pick up a few more and see how a few more months in the humidor affects it’s performance….. If you haven’t tried one, I’d highly recommend giving it a chance.  Let me know what you think with a comment.. Thanks!