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Fonseca cigars
Fonseca Cosacos Cigar

Fonseca Cosacos Cigar

Fonseca have a flavour all of their own in the Cosacos, with light to medium strength from one of Cuba's most unique brands.  A very good choice to offer to new cigar smokers because of Fonseca's complex flavours with light to medium strength.

Take milk chocolate, add a generous dose of gingerbread and you'll have the foundation for this quizzical ride.  A big favourite for veteran smokers who need a mid day break and want a cigar,  mild by their standards, but still very complex and sweet.  You'll notice an evolution of flavours as this cigar burns and a pleasant rise in strength near the end.

Fonseca Cosacos CigarMore Details

Factory Vitola: Cosacos
Ring Gauge: 42
Cigar Length: 5.3 inches
Body: Light-Medium

Price: $599.00

Fonseca Delicias Cigar

Fonseca Delicias Cigar

Considered by most to be the mildest Cuban brand, Fonseca introduces their hand-finished Fonseca Delicias.

The Delicias tastes of smooth earthiness with a slight sweetness of rum. Though quite mild, the distinct characteristics of Cuban tobacco are still present, most notably in the complexity of the smooth flavor. There is absolutely no bitter aftertaste which can be present in some comparable Dominican cigars.

Fonseca Delicias CigarMore Details

Popular Vitola: Petit Corona
Ring Gauge: 40
Cigar Length: 123 mm / 4.8 inches
Body: Mild

Price: $14.99

Fonseca KDT Cadetes

Fonseca KDT Cadetes

Fonseca KDT CadetesMore Details

Popular Vitola: Short Panatela
Ring Gauge: 36
Cigar Length: 114 mm / 4.5 inches
Body: Mild

Price: $379.00

Fonseca No. 4 Regional Edition Benelux 2010

Fonseca No. 4 Regional Edition Benelux 2010

This tissue wrapped Corona Extra is the very first Regional Edition for Fonseca.  It is a larger cigar than their regular production and comes with a Regional band (Benelux), packed and shipped in boxes of 25 with 40,000 of these cigars produced. This is a smoke filled with sweet creaminess and woody notes in the first third and most would consider this a mild cigar until the second third appears.  Expect strong dark coffee flavours with chocolate in the second third as the smoke intensifies and complexity comes into the picture.  We hope Fonseca will be given the opportunity to release more of this marca in coming years, more filler equals a more interesting experience.

Fonseca No. 4 Regional Edition Benelux 2010More Details

Popular Vitola: Corona Extra
Factory Vitola: Julieta No.2
Ring Gauge: 48
Cigar Length: 127 mm / 5 inches
Body: Medium

Price: $719.00

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