Ramon Allones Celestiales Finos…2009 Edicion Regionale Asia Pacifico


One Cuban brand that uses the figurado shape with all of their regular production cigars is Cuaba. A figurado is an irregularly shaped cigar that is more difficult to roll and preferred by some smokers but the one pictured above is a perfecto from Ramon Allones.  This 2009 Edicion Regionale, exclusive to the Asian Pacific region, was initially met with mixed reviews but two years later, aging in the humidor, and we have a cigar who’s time has come.

Initially, this cigar was a bit of a powerhouse with strength and nicotine that had some smokers reeling but all this cigar needed, like many young Cubans, was a bit of time to settle down.  I, for one, have a difficult time letting my cigars age and feel that they’re burning a hole in my humidor.  I open the lid of a humidor, smell the aromas that come wafting out and marvel at the wrappers, bands and colors of the cigars that seem to beg to be lit.  I think the keys to letting a cigar age is to have MANY cigars to choose from, limit the number that you smoke monthly and keep replenishing your supply.

Ramon Allones is a Cuban brand, whose very distinct flavor profile is nutty and a bit herbal, but last night I noticed there were more notes of leather and pepper in this cigar as I paired it with a straight dark rum.  Smooth and with medium strength, this cigar showed that age was what was needed in order to mellow out the slight harshness it originally exhibited 2 years back.  I had no draw issues, which amazed me when you look at this shape, and the burn was even to the end.

As years go by I smoke more and more cigars with a larger circumference but this 46 ring gauge, 5 1/2 inch figurado was very pleasant and truly enjoyable.  Once again, I feel that a few years aging can change a cigar’s hot tempered personality into a calm and agreeable smoking experience.