Ramon Allones Extra- Edicion Limitada 2011


Anyone who loves Cuban tobacco will surely recognize the name Ramon Allones from some of the great cigars this brand has given us like the Specially Selected, one of the world’s finest and most popular Robustos and the massive Gigantes which is a classic Double Corona with unique flavors that have won the hearts of countless aficionados.  Ramon Allones has presented many Regional Editions but this year will mark the first time this respected Cuban brand will deliver an Edicion Limitada and with a unique white and gold band accompanied by a second gold and black band, we should have a cigar that is very special to smoke and age.

Of all of the Regional Editions this brand has given us, my favorite would have to be the mighty Phoenicio that was distributed to Lebanon a few years back.  That hard to get cigar was worth all the effort taken to acquire and as years go by, that one gets mellower and sweeter in the humidor.  This size, a 44 ring gauge and 5.6 inches long was a regular production cigar for Ramon Allones but was discontinued in the 70’s.  I smoked few cigars back then so this will be a great opportunity to get used to a new size and blend from this brand.  An interesting thing about the releases for this year is that the majority of new cigars from Cuba have quite a bit bigger ring gauge so this will be an opportunity to taste a different kind of blend.

I have to admit that I have a real passion for aged cigars but in the past few years I’ve seen new cigars that were wonderful as soon as they showed up.  I really do believe that we are in a golden era of Cuban cigars so this vitola could be stunning as soon as it gets into our cigar shops and even better after a few years of aging.