Romeo Y Julieta Escudos Edicion Limitadas 2007…AMAZING!

From Nov 7, 2007:

The Romeo Y Julieta Escudo is one of the first Edicion Limitadas in a little while that has really REALLY impressed me. I mean its only natural to expect something a little more from an Edition Limitada, but this stick has gone way beyond any of my expectations. The Escudo has an amazingly smooth and balanced toasty-wood flavor profile with a peppery-leather finish. It’s a smoke that anyone at any level could really enjoy.

The Macallan 18 i’m enjoying it with (for no other reason than it was within arms reach) has made it a little more difficult to properly articulate how much I’m really enjoying this smoke. But honestly, do yourself and your palette a favor and pick one up ASAP.