Romeo y Julieta No 3

This is one of those cigars that I keep going back to for various reasons.  I once picked up a box of these the first time I was at the Havana airport duty-free, brought them home and then wished I had bought 10 boxes….. This was early in my cigar smoking phase and I fell in love with them.. They were easy to carry around, took only about an hour to smoke, faster if you were in a hurry.. But…. I feel that if you take your time you’ll always get the best out of a cigar…..

I guess when I go back to them it reminds me of comfort food, always relaxing and always tasty.  These No. 3’s can be spicy though and give you the R&J profile every time.  In fact, I’ve learned a lot about Romeos after smoking these little tubos, I learned that I wanted to try all of the cigars in the Romeo line !! The Churchills are becoming a real favorite and other Romeos with a bit larger ring gauge are making it into my humidor as well…

But, I will always have these little tubos on hand!!!!!!!