Romeo y Julieta Puritos… The Perfect 20 minutes

I may have brought up these wonderful little cigars in the past but yesterday I picked up a box of these Romeo y Julieta Puritos because of a short trip I made and the short amount of time I had on my hands I had to smoke and, once again, I was reminded how great these cigars tasted.

4 1/2 inches long and a 29 ring gauge may not appear to be a size of cigar that would deliver a smooth taste but don’t let the small size fool you.  Although you may not experience the complexity that a Wide Churchill or an Exibicion No. 4, a personal favorite, will give you but a beautiful Romeo y Julieta profile comes through nonetheless.

The smooth flavor starts off with a mild spicy Romeo flavor into the first third then a subtle change greets you into the second.  Slight chocolate and cedar is probably what you’ll be tasting as you smoke this down to the final third but in 20 minutes of so you’ll find that you can get a beautiful cuban tobacco smoke that will make you wonder how they do it!  These were probably young little cigars and although age would improve the taste, you still get the feeling that you are holding a winner.