Siglo I… Small Cigar, Big Performance

Last night a good friend gave me this cigar as I was leaving his house and he told me that he had been smoking quite a few of them lately.  He and his wife have two young boys and his leisure time now comes in smaller increments which means that his cigar smoking time is more condensed.  This is where the Siglo I enters into the scenario.

I have to admit that I really hadn’t smoked that many and whenever I had, either I was distracted or my heart simply wasn’t into it.  I guess you could say that I just didn’t “get it”… Well…. What was I thinking?????  I guess I wasn’t !!  Different words are used to describe this little Cohiba like firecracker, powerhouse or anything that is used to characterize an object that delivers “attitude” but what I’m getting is mostly a medium strength delivery of some of the best flavors that Cuba has to offer.

This is really a cigar that takes you on a journey of tastes and sensations that you usually see with a cigar 6 times it’s size.  The Cohiba Esplendidos comes to mind because of the complexity that it contains but the Siglo I starts off like the quintessential Cohiba with the grassy introduction and then smoothens out with cedar and coffee.  The cedar stays in the profile well into the final third but is joined with notes of leather, chocolate and well…. more cedar….

I’m sitting here with about an inch and a half left and wondering if there are any cigar stores open in Vancouver at this time of night……………