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Smoke Cigars Daily !

OK, now I know that The Surgeon General, Health Canada and all of the guardian angels that watch over us every day would like us all to live out on the prairie, grow our own foods and meditate for 6 hours a day.  Well….. life isn’t like that.  Not at all…. Ain’t going to happen…. Hey, I like my flat screen, it took hard earned dollars for me to get it and I’m going to keep it on the wall right where it is.  As days go by I’m going to get a hybrid, spend more time re-cycling and give more to charity.  I’m going to stop wearing leather, stop eating steak and be reeeeeeeeaaaal honest on my tax return……… Oh come on!!!!!!!  Get real !

I don’t know about any of you fine people but I’m not too different, in my personal habits, from many politicians, lawyers, judges and parish priests (I’m Catholic and I’ve met some real wacked out priests in my day).  I like fishing and eating rainbow trout way too much to ever be able to stop taking the odd one home and throwing them in the smoker so I can have smoked trout on a bagel with cream cheese. ( mmmmmm, Bagels!)  I respect other’s rights and would never harm anyone intentionally but at the same time I want to LIVE and I’m going to  LIVE my life the way I see fit!

I like to have a cigar or two every day.  I’m a big fan of Robustos and although there are so many sizes I love I would probably pick that size if I had to make that choice.  I personally love cigars with coffee and thats not to say that Scotch or port isn’t a great pairing but my point is that I don’t drink alcohol daily.  I’m a big fan of vegetables since they make me feel alive and healthy but I’ll be eating porterhouse steak till I die.  I guess I’m just stubborn, independent and like to do whatever I please.  I guess I just described the typical cigar smoker!!!!!!