Springtime With Jose L Piedra

The Winter Olympics are over in Vancouver and now its time to get back to the basics.  Golf and Fishing.  Days spent on the links and on the river are possibly the best days you will ever have in your life.  I believe that when we are at the end of our years and are tallying up all of our victories, defeats, moments spent with friends and loved ones, we will remember the time we spent investing in the quality of life rather than the toil and hardship that comes with this gift we are given.  So rather than fixating on getting that new house or making sure my bank account is overflowing, I’m golfing……… Whenever possible!!!!!!

So lets get to the Jose l Piedra part of the story, shall we.. Lately my mission to stay away from cigarettes has been very successful but my humidor is getting hit very hard.  The other day I had a Cohiba with my morning coffee before breakfast ( I like smoking ) and I don’t believe I could taste all of what it had to offer, it being so early in the morning and all….. What a waste…. So I dropped down to see my friends at The Vancouver Cigar Company and picked up a few boxes of Jose L Piedra cigars, one box of Cazadores and one box of Conservas…… Actually I lit a Conservas and went for a bit of a walk just now…. See below…

Trying these more affordable cigars in the morning might have been the smartest thing I’ve done in a long time and I was shocked as to how good they tasted compared to how I remember them a few years back.  This little cigar, which isn’t that small.. 44 ring gauge and 5.5 inches long,might be the best bang for the buck since it has quite an attitude because of the medium strength and a lot more complexity than I expected.  Bottom line is that I’m looking for nicotine with a Cuban delivery in the morning and from now on if you bump into me early in the morning, chances are I’ll have one of these in my hand!!!!!