The Dissection Of A Fake Cigar

I was hanging out last night with a few friends and having a great time around a few glasses of Scotch and a few Cuban Cigars.  One of the guys just came back from Cuba and was proudly handing out cigars to all who were there.  This guy is loved by all but maybe not the most informed about Cuban Cigars and one more thing, he loves to save a dollar whenever possible….. Oh oh !!

The Cubans he had were some Cohibas and a box of Romeo Churchills.. The bands on the Cohibas looked really suspect so I asked him where he bought the boxes of cigars and he smiled and said, ” From Friends. ” ….. Oh oh !!  The Cohiba I smoked last night was clearly a fake and I smoked some of it before tossing it into the fire when no one was looking…… I’m really glad I didn’t light up the Romeo Churchill he gave me…. I waited until this morning…… and what a disaster…. Terrible taste, plugs up and down the cigar but the wrapper and band looked fine…….. Look at what I found inside….. Hee hee…. The pictures tell the whole story!