The Golden Era Of Cuban Cigars

I’ve given much thought to what will happen to the quality and price of Cuban cigars when the U.S. lifts the embargo that has been effect for so many years.  Some say that the quality will take a big hit, the price will be altered to make up for the supply and demand and we could be paying a lot more for our beloved Cubans.

There is no arguing that Cuban soil is different from other Caribbean countries and as hard as they try, the other countries simply do NOT have the ability to produce cigars that taste EXACTLY the same as Cubans.  Tobacco seeds were taken out of Cuba around the time of the revolution and new companies were formed and it was business as usual but to this day people around the world will stay loyal to and continue to pay the price, whatever price, it takes to keep their humidors filled with their favorite cigars from Cuba.

The 90’s were known as great years of cigar making and a lot of smokers will tell you that in terms of flavors and aroma, Cuba had it going on back then. But………. There is something I’ve said for years and I’ve found it to be a great truth, which is, ” The last thing you should ever feel in life is comfortable!”  Think about it, it seems just when you’ve found something you like, it tends to disappear.  Whenever you are in a situation that seems rosy, something changes.  This is what I feel about Cuban cigars as well.

My advise would be to smoke them, enjoy them and try to get to know all of the cigars available out of Cuba TODAY.  Get to know the different brands and how the differ from each other.  They are all quite beautiful and who knows what tomorrow will bring.  Life doesn’t last forever and this could be the golden era of Cuban cigars.