The Importance Of A Quality Humidor

I have friends who are now starting to enjoy cigars when they leave the country and visit Cuba, go on cruises or simply drop by one of the many duty-free stores around the world.  Next thing you know is that they are back in Canada and put their cigars on a shelf somewhere in their homes or even worse, in their refrigerators and believe that all is well.  No no, all is NOT well…

A few things have to be considered when picking up cigars when out of the country.  A cigar is a living breathing piece of art that is constantly fermenting.  After they are rolled they go through a “sick period” due to the ammonia that is formed during the first few months of fermentation but this tends to be eliminated as time goes by.. How much time??  First of all, the cigars should be ventilated from time to time to eliminate the ammonia.. About 90% of the smell will dissipate in 2 months.. As much as 99% will be gone after the first year and after 2 years you shouldn’t smell any more ammonia but that wonderful barnyard smell that Cuban cigars are known to have.

A quality, air tight humidor is essential to keep your cigars humid and aging naturally.  One bit of advise I can give you is to immediately buy a digital hygrometer and keep it inside your humidor.  The analog hygrometer that comes with almost all humidors are very pretty to look at but their purpose pretty much stops there.  Keeping your cigars in an environment close to 70% humidity will help them to stay moist, healthy and age properly.