Trevor’s Top Three Cuban Cigars

Trevor Wallace is the manager of the Vancouver Cigar Company and has been a cigar aficionado for over 10 years.

Below you will find Trevor’s Top Three Cuban cigars of all time.

After smoking Cuban cigars for some time, I guess you can say that my palette is somewhat experienced and it doesn’t take me long to truly appreciate the flavors of a particular Cuban cigar.

Here I would like to talk about my three all-time-favorite Cuban cigars.

Cohiba Robusto:
The Cohiba Robustos is one of the most desired Habanos on the market. First of all I love the size, a robusto looks and feels good in your hand, it also allows for a great draw.

There are only nine true Cuban robustos and this one is the most complex, generally because of its strength and excellent blend. I find it has a dark chocolate base, from which many other flavors arise, including those of almonds, nutmeg and pepper.

Montecristo No 2:
The Cuban Montecristo No. 2 cigar is always a treat to come back to, and is consistently one of my favorite Cuban cigars. Those who prefer the No. 2, find all the virtues from the Cuban Montecristo brand in this vitola.

Flavors like cedar and coffee are prevalent, with notes of cinnamon hinted throughout the smoke. I generally think that it’s best Piramide sized Cuban cigar.

Romeo Y Julieta Churchill:
The Churchill is quite a strong cigar, especially compared to other models from the Cuban Romeo Y Julieta brand, and for those smokers who are not experienced, it may take some time to really appreciate its taste.

Strong, but at the same time smooth, you taste an overall nutty flavor, with a citrus undertone. The last two inches are very powerful and do smoke with a stronger, peppery taste.