Trinidad Coloniales


The picture above features one of my favorite Cuban cigars from Trinidad, the Trinidad Coloniales.  This was one of my favorite cigars a few years back, I smoked many and loved every one of them.  With a 44 ring gauge and 5.1 inches long you get an hour and a half of some of the best cigar smoking time that Cuba has to offer.  This cigar comes in a box of 24 cigars, not 25, and is rolled with superior Cuban tobacco.

This is a creamy cigar with vanilla and caramel flavors dancing around the profile.  Some spice usually enters into the picture in the second third and this cigar ends with  a medium strength finish that is perfect for any afternoon cigar smoking moment.  Not overly complex but as soon as you light this “petit corona”, you’ll easily taste tobacco flavors that were initially enjoyed by the privileged few as they were given out as diplomatic gifts since 1969.  All Trinidads are rolled at “El Laguito” in Havana and are said to be of the same quality tobacco as Cohiba but without the third barrel fermentation process.

In 1998, the Trinidad brand was finally released to the public but only produced one size cigar, the “Fundadores“, exactly the same size as the Cohiba Lanceros, a 38 ring gauge by 7 1/2 inches in length.  In November of 2003, three new sizes were introduced by Trinidad; the Reyesthe coloniales and the wonderful Trinidad Robusto Extra.  The Trinidad brand released the Trinidad Robusto-T, last year in 2010 which was a big success.  I loved that cigar which was a bit shorter at 4 inches long and a 50 ring gauge and packed with rich flavor.

The more I spend time thinking about authentic Cubans versus counterfeits, I see the advantage to searching out cigars, like Trinidad, which are more likely to be the real thing.  Basement cigar factories in Havana tend to roll cigars that sport the more popular labels like Cohiba, Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta.  We’ve all smoked them, I’d say that 99% of us find them disgusting and should be avoided at all costs.  One more reason to move forward and search out Cuban cigars that the rest of the pack does NOT smoke exclusively.