14 Great Minutes With A Cohiba Mini


The title of this entry mentions that you can have 14 great minutes with Cohiba… That IS if you take your time and smoke slowly.  Maybe if you are very very patient you may get 15 minutes out of this little cigar but that may have to mean that you will smoke it right down to the very last 1/8th of an inch, which may be a bit of a trick since these are very very small cigars..

See Pic below:


I, like many other cigar smokers, tend to not pick these when I’m at the smoke shop because of the vast selection of Cuban cigars available and I’m a big fan of the larger ring gauges.  Give me almost any Robusto or Churchill and  I’ll be happy but time can be of the essence on any given day and then what do you do?  Well for starters, a first rate cigar can and will burn for over two hours or longer which is too much time for a lot of circumstances in our lives, so the next best thing is to search out something that will satisfy your taste buds and lasts for a short period.  This is where the Cohiba Mini comes into the picture.

I’ve smoked many of the small cigar that come from Cuba and have been quite pleasantly surprised with the taste of something so small.  I’m a fan of the Puritos from Romeo y Julieta, Partagas makes a great purito as well but when I first tried a Cohiba Mini, I was surprised beyond belief.  I’m not sure actually why I was surprised because Cohiba gets first pick of all of the tobacco harvested each year in Cuba, their cigars are of the highest quality, so why not the Minis?  They are very very tasty !

What is funny though, is the short time that these little cigars burn.  Like I said before, fourteen minutes can really be dragging it out.