Partagas Serie P No 2


If you’ve ever smoked a Montecristo No 2, you’ve probably held the beautiful Piramides in your hand, tasted it’s fine flavors and allowed the cigar’s flavor profile to linger on your tongue and remarked to yourself that you are enjoying one of Havana’s finest contributions to the world.  Its no wonder that the Montecrsto brand has developed such a loyal following with aficionados around the world and stayed very high up in favorite cigar polls with many magazines and web sites year after year.  I think that there is something special about the classic shape of a Piramides with a pointed end and 52 ring gauge, it’s heftiness and bold flavors are the most sought after with countless enthusiasts.

The Partagas Serie P No 2, in the picture above, is also reaching the same status as the Monte with loyal fans that take great pride in their discovery of an alternative to the aforementioned torpedo.  The Piramides in the picture above was rolled in December of ’05 and I don’t have to tell you what 6 years in a carefully managed humidor will do to a cigar of this quality.  A few months back I was able to find a person selling 1/2 a box of these and I was racing across town to insure that I would be able to buy them before he changed his mind and sold them to the next guy.  This is something that many cigar smokers should try to do if they have the time, hunting out and locating aged cigars so more can be learned about Cuban brands that have a few years under their belt.  Good luck and happy hunting.

The typical Partagas profile tends to be a bit herbal and grassy with bold flavors of wood and strong black coffee which is very present in one of Partagas’ biggest sellers, the Serie D No 4.  The “D 4”,  as many enthusiasts know very well,  is a classic Robusto that defines much of what Partagas initially intended to give the world in a strong full bodied, after dinner cigar.  I’ve smoked boxes of them and, although these can deliver a punch, years in a humidor can result is some of the sweetest flavors you’ll ever find in a cigar of this size.

In wrapping up, I also want to mention that rather than smoking the same cigar or the same brand every time you light up, a full knowledge of all of what Cuba has to offer in it’s world famous product can be a life long passion that is rewarding and very satisfying.  I don’t know any wine enthusiast that only drinks one brand of red or white wine out of France or California.  It is the variety that gives us more to enjoy, more to learn and share with fellow cigar smokers you know.