Tinidad Robusto Extra.. A Special Occasion Cigar


Other than the slight tear in the wrapper ( which was inconsequential ), any guy would look at this picture above and say that yes, all is right in the world.  The weather reached a high of around 24 Celsius, which isn’t bad for the tail end of September in Canada, the wind conditions were favorable for cigar smoking on the course, we were with good friends and the “Swaneset Links Course” was in terrific shape.  I’m not sure I shot my best game but it didn’t seem to matter.. Nothing mattered!

The Trinidad Robusto Extra seemed a bit tightly rolled, which gave me some concern but after I clipped the pig-tail end I realized that the perfect draw revealed that this cigar was rolled with patience and great care.  The burn was very very even and needed no touch-ups at all until I set it down to rest.  These are very special cigars !

The more Trinidads you smoke, the more you’ll recognize their distinct flavor profile which includes vanilla woods and white pepper.  This is a spicy smoke right from the start, it builds in strength and should be considered a full flavored cigar but never becomes harsh, even at the end of the final third.  Anyone who is familiar with the Trinidad Reyes, would probably agree that this Robusto Extra has just a bit more variances in it’s profile than it’s smaller cousin.  It costs a bit more but you have to agree that as soon as you light one up, you’ll see where the extra money went.

This 50 ring gauge, 6 1/8 inch long masterpiece is the perfect, “Special Occasion” cigar and always having a few on hand means that you’ll be ready to experience the finest smoking experience that Cuba has to offer.  This cigar also ages very gracefully and will reward you with a smoother and smoother profile the older it gets.