2010 Gordito de Allones-Edicion Regionale


The last cigar I’ll talk about from our road trip a few days back is the Canadian release for 2010, the Ramon Allones-gorditos de Allones.  I have to admit that it was quite a day for trying different cigars, an extravagant experience indeed.  This Edicion Reginale was purchased the same day a year ago along with the Bolivar B2 and they had a year to age in my humidor, giving them the time needed to give off the ammonia that alters the taste of a young cigar.  In the case of this cigar, I was very happy I waited as long as I did.  That being said, I find that Ramon Allones is a Cuban brand that I can smoke quite happily when they are young, but aging a cigar always helps.

I found the construction of this Robusto Extra to be perfect, with a smooth dark caramel wrapper, slightly spongy feel from head to foot and no hard spots or lumps which would harm the draw.  This cigar’s draw was, in my opinion, perfect since I really love a bit of a wind tunnel.  Pre-light draw only revealed subtle barnyard notes, somewhat grassy and mild, but upon lighting, the first few puffs were spicy and revealed the unmistakable Ramon Allones flavor I love.  The first third was very similar in taste to the “Specially Selected”, with it’s dark chocolate and sweet spice, but maybe had a bit more power.  The burn was perfect going into the second third, the darkish ash held firmly and, as a cigar usually behaves, this cigar was starting to build in strength and flavors were starting to evolve.  The sweetness of the cigar stayed throughout, as did the flavors of dark chocolate and herbs, but the cigar never became bitter.  As we smoked this cigar, we were quite amazed with it’s construction, great burn, easy draw and full flavor.

Anyone who loves the Ramon Allones brand and who have smoked this cigar would easily be able to see that the best of all worlds were represented in this Robusto Extra.  When you smoke a more rare cigar, there’s always a feeling of exclusivity in knowing that not all cigar smokers world wide are tasting, or will ever be tasting, what you have in your hand. In this case only 2.500 boxes of 10 cigars were produced for this Edicion Regionale, making it a small number of 25,000.

Something that leaves me scratching my head is the fact that the Robusto Extra at 5 3/5 inches long and with a 50 ring gauge is a size that is used rarely in Cuban cigars.  The Trinidad Robusto Extra and the San Cristobal de la Habana La Fuerza are the only Cuban cigars in regular production that comes in this size which leaves me asking why so few?  The robusto is a size that is very popular with cigar smokers and these two are roughly half an inch longer, giving you probably 8 to 10 more minutes minutes of smoking time.  But………………… Havana, through the years, has produced a number of cigars in this size for regional editions and limited editions, making this the size for a special occasion. I guess I can get used to that.