2011 H. Upmann Royal Robusto


While we are on the topic of new cigars in my last few posts, I’m very excited about giving a brief mention to H. Upmann and their contribution to this year’s new releases with the H. Upmann Royal Robusto.  We all have our favorite Cuban cigar brands and on any given day you can run into a cigar that is aged just right, the smoking conditions are just right and then it happens… You are having the perfect cigar moment and you’re telling yourself that you’ve just found your favorite new Cuban, this is the one, this cigar is the best you’ve ever smoked and all is well with the planet.  Tomorrow you go to the same corner of the humidor, light up a cigar from the same box and all is different.  Do not be alarmed, our palates change but one thing for me does not.

With all of the Cuban cigars I’ve had the great fortune to light and savor I believe that H. Upmann has given me the finest flavors and great cigar smoking experiences, so I have to say that I simply can’t wait for their new Royal Robusto to be shipped out to The Vancouver Cigar Company.  The dimensions of this cigar is a 52 ring gauge and 5.3 inches long, which actually makes it an Edmundo rather than a robusto but all the better since I love a large ring gauge cigar.  Once again we’ll be looking at 10 cigars per box which tells me that since there are only 5,000 boxes produced, Habanos will be spreading them out to all of the La Casa Del Habanos outlets world wide.

I’ve written extensively about my love for the Magnum 48, the appreciation of the Magnum 50 and the medium flavored Magnum 46 but to get the chance to see if H. Upmann can achieve the same standards with the Royal Robusto always has me feeling that this is one of the world’s most satisfying passions.  The tobacco used in this new release is from the finest leaves in the Vuelta Abajo zone of the Pinar del Rio region of Cuba.  This should tell us that the finest quality whole leaf tobacco will be blended, rolled and then tasted to insure that we will be getting exactly what Habanos has in mind for seasoned aficionados as well as new smokers.  Those starting off smoking Cuban cigars should set their sights on H. Upmann for it’s medium flavored, complex but balanced flavor profile that will never disappoint.  The H. Upmann coronas junior was a cigar that helped me appreciate Cuban cigars, had the best room aroma and paired so beautifully with rum…so… I’m counting the days until I can get my hands on the Royal Robusto.