A Cigar To Save And Savor


The significance of the picture above is about the comedy that can exist in perspective and also a few do’s and dont’s… We’ll start with the Do’s..

The cigar is the H. Upmann Magnum 48 that was introduced as an Edicion Limitada in 2009.  I’ve done so much on this cigar that I hope any of you aren’t getting tired of it but I DO know that any of you who are familiar with the cigar will agree, that you can NEVER be tired of smoking them and hearing about their rate of improvement as they age can never be boring.  This was one of my favorite cigars in 2009, I smoked many, hung on to a few then smoked them in 2010 and at this point in 2011 I’m presently concentrating of acquiring more to savor over the next few years.  Its a very worthwhile experiment !

One of the Big don’ts in the picture is the gas lighter, in this case one that needs about a gallon of fuel, and the reason why these should be avoided around cigars at all costs.  The odor and subsequent taste of lighter fluid intermingling with the fabulous and varied flavors in Cuban tobacco is a pairing you should never experience.  You wouldn’t throw an extravagant dinner party and use diesel fuel for your fondue flame, cigars can have a delicate and subtle profile that doesn’t need to be destroyed by the not so subtle effects of burning a petroleum product.  Purists will use either thin strips of burning Spanish cedar or simply choose wooden matches, to first toast the foot of the cigar and then light it.  A butane torch is also a tasteless flame which works fine.

In closing I want to mention that, although I’m going to stay on the same path of buying and aging more of the H Upmann Magnum 48, I’ll probably wait another year before telling you, once again, how they’ve evolved in the humidor.  After 2 years they are rich, full bodied, balanced and a great smoke, next year they’ll have even more to say.