Are You Sure It Is A Real Cohiba


By clicking on the above picture you’ll be sent to “The Vancouver Cigar Company” page where REAL Cohiba cigars are proudly advertised and believe me when I tell you that Cuban cigars are an extremely high end product that are produced by the finest cigar brand in Cuba today.  If you have ever smoked a real Cohiba and have ever looked at the beautiful band that adorns each Cohiba you’ll know that what you are looking at in the picture is nothing but a pathetic attempt at counterfeiting a great product.  I’ve shopped in Dubai and have seen watches that are perfect knockoffs of Rolex, Cartier etc.. They are beautiful and difficult to catch if you aren’t up on all of the subtle nuances that differentiate a copy from the real thing.  With this in mind, the above picture gets funnier and funnier.

What isn’t funny is the fact that so many passionate ,  albeit gullible,  cigar smokers go to Cuba each year and come home with lacquered boxes of fake Esplendidos and believe that they’ve really gotten a deal.  Well, maybe if they compare the $50 they spent instead of the $500 that a real box of Esplendidos costs, they may actually believe that they’ve gotten a real steal…. Funny how the word STEAL is so appropriate in this case.  Just last week I was on the golf course and was gleefully puffing away on a Cohiba Siglo I as I was talking to a guy that was telling me that his $2 Fauxhiba was such a good deal and that he was a pretty smart shopper..  I just didn’t have the heart to tell him that what he knew about cigars could be fit on the head of a pin.  I didn’t believe that it was my place to tell him what a fool he was and that there was a good chance that he was smoking floor sweepings and banana leaves all wrapped up with a passable wrapper which included a botched effort of a Cohiba band…  He was actually enjoying his cigar and I left it at that.


The above picture is of a band from a Cohiba Siglo I and you can easily see the beautiful raised gold letters and the THREE lines of white squares above the word Cohiba.. I have to say though that the light in the picture is quite yellow and the yellow on the band looks to be quite orange but is considerably more yellow in real life……. Hey, only a minute detail.  The top picture actually features the letters in the word Cohiba being segmented and not solid.. that’s got to be funny if it weren’t so tragic….

I was given a few Fauxhiba Esplendidos a few weeks back and after tasting the first few sad puffs I tore the cigar open and found that there were leaves in the cigar that were quite green and very moist.. The cigar kept going out and just wouldn’t burn so I had to do it…. I held a match under one of the mystery leaves and it tried to burn but the aroma coming off the leaf reminded me more of the smell I’d find in a campfire on the prairies.. I’ve been smoking tobacco all of my life and I’ve never smelled that smell from any tobacco leaf……

When going to Cuba please remember that you’ll be approached my many many people trying to sell you cigars but you have to keep in mind that their very extensive counterfeit industry in the country floods the streets with terrible cigars on a daily basis… I’m sure millions are sold annually but don’t fall for any of the stories..  Even in Cuba authentic cigars can still cost a fair bit of money in the Government stores but are at least one third or less than you’ll pay at home….. Still a great deal…….  If you’re like me and go to Cuba rarely, wouldn’t you like to know that the cigars you bring back home are real and worth aging in your humidor… For me its a no brainer !!!!

Be careful out there !!