Bolivar B2- Bravo

Havana House has again delivered to Canadians a fine Regional Edition, the Bolivar B2.  This pyramid ( My favorite shape ) has received a lot of hype and after sitting in my humidor for a few months I finally broke down last night and tried one.  I was not disappointed in any shape, way or form with the taste, construction or how it compared with Regional Editions we’ve seen from Bolivar in the last few years.  Anyone familiar with the Bolivar Simones we saw a few years back will remember the quality they put into that Edition and this year’s contribution left a better impression by leaps and bounds.

I have to say that Bolivar is a brand that is always in my humidor. The Royal Coronas and Belicosos Finos are very consistent but if the B2 was produced annually I believe that I’d have to introduce another humidor staple.  This 6.1 inch 52 ring gauge pyramid once clipped offered only slight draw resistance so I felt I could expect an easy smoking experience.

The Bolivar brand has, what I consider, to be one of the most earthy flavor profiles but maybe because this was a young cigar, I was initially hit with more espresso in the first third than usual.  I kept thinking of a smoother version of the Belicosos Finos and the fact that this is a bigger cigar led me to remember all of the larger ring gauge cigars I’ve smoked in the past and that they were so much more pleasant than their smaller cousins.

The earthy profile, like I usually see in the Royal Coronas presented itself from time to time during the continuation into the second third.  Coffee was still present but slight milk chocolate appeared from time to time as did slight notes of vanilla which told me that this was a balanced cigar for it’s youth.  As I finished this Regional Edition I found myself tasting a slightly milder cigar than I had originally expected but the fullness of taste left me feeling totally satisfied.