Bolivar B2 On The Road


A few days back as my friend, Tom, and I were driving back from Alberta, we decided to smoke a few cigars together and our first choice for the day was the 2010 Canadian Edicion Regionale from Bolivar, the B2.  I bought a few last fall and smoked one right away, then let the rest age for a while in the humidor.  What a great idea that was, a year can make a huge difference for a young cigar and this one turned into a wonderful smoke.

The pre-light draw from this 6 inch, 52 ring gauge torpedo was a full on barn yard with cedar notes and dry hay.  I remember growing up on a farm and the taste reminded me of what it smelled like whenever hay bales were around, usually the end of July was when the baling took place.  First third was like heaven with more hay, cedar and leather coming through in a very balanced way.

As this cigar entered into the second third, we detected that there wasn’t a real evolution of flavors taking place but a real beauty that held firmly until the final third started revealing some change.  Bitter chocolate was now becoming part of the profile which became considerably stronger as we finished this cigar.  Strength was something that we were commenting on as we smoked this Piramides, I love a very strong cigar, I love smoking them to the very last finger blistering half inch and I was in Heaven with the B2.

I can’t stress enough that you can have a cigar behave one way when young and then move into a very different direction after a lot of the initial presence of ammonia is gone.  Very real and distinct flavors start to emerge as the cigar slowly ferments in your humidor, the first few years see the most change then start to slow down after five years goes by.  The B2 may be one of the best cigars Bolivar has produced, don’t get me wrong, I love all of the cigars in the Bolivar line but this one is the best I’ve seen from them in a long time.