Cohiba At E-Bay

I just finished going through all of the items for sale on E-Bay that have to do with Cohiba.  I found the number of items that have Cohiba logos painted, lithographed, typed, stenciled was incredible.  I’m wondering if there are any people out there who have gone to a Cohiba museum.. Has anyone started a Cohiba museum???  I know of cigar museums in Havana but I’m not sure if there are any that are exclusively dedicated to my favorite brand….

After looking around the net just now, I discovered some of the most wonderful pictures of very rare humidors, chests and full standing wardrobes packed full of cigars.  It really makes you crazy when you think about some of the money spent on vast cigar collections that are in the world today.. Oh to have a room in your home that is a giant walk in humidor… maybe some day!!!!!

I know that with enough $$$$$, almost any Cohiba from every year produced would be available to purchase…… Like I said before, maybe some day!!!!!