Cohiba Behike 52

This beautiful band is all that I have left of the Cohiba Behike 52 I smoked last night… No ashes…. No Butt, this is IT !!!!  I ended up at a good friend’s last night and we lit a few Cohibas and shot a few games of snooker in his rumpus room.  He has a room with a flat screen, wet bar, snooker table, leather chairs and lots and lots of ashtrays which made me think that there aren’t enough rooms like this left on our planet, but that’s another discussion altogether.

His humidors were stocked with a lot of different Cuban cigars of various ages and a few of the lads decided on Cohiba Lanceros , one guy brought a Cohiba Siglo VI and I revealed that it was time to try the Cohiba Behike 52.  Well here we go, this is exactly the kind of experiment I was waiting for, one that will let a few of us test and compare how the Behike stacks up against a few different Cohibas from different sides of the family.  Everyone there was quite thrilled that we would all be able to do this kind of a taste test.  The wet bar was getting a lot of attention and a lot of alcohol was consumed but for this little contest I decided on mineral water, no lemon and no ice!!

We all marveled at the Behike’s construction and what seemed to be perfect density and after my matches ignited a strip of Spanish cedar it was revealed that just the smallest amount of resistance was present in the draw of this cigar which told me that this was going to be a great time.  I was instantly struck at the mildness of the Behike but at the same time I noticed that there was a sweetness present that told me that the Medio Tiempo leaf was giving me something completely new and exciting that I could observe as this cigar evolved.  I was amazed that, for such a young cigar, I could taste a balance that revealed no harshness with not one flavor taking over and round full flavors of milk chocolate and slight hints of coffee….. But….. There was definitely something new in the Cohiba profile that I had a difficult time putting my finger on but when you think about it, this is what’s so exciting about discovering new high quality cigars form Cuba, comparing them with others from the same brand and trying to guess what a bit of age would do to the profile.