Cohiba Behike 56


The most anticipated cigar to come out of Cuba in a great many years is in the Behike line from Cohiba, last year was the first year that these beauties were available to cigar aficionados and because of the great demand, they were a bit hard to get a hold of.  The cigars come in three sizes; the Behike 52 (ring gauge ), which won Cigar Aficionado’s cigar of the year, the Behike 54 which was a bit more robust and had an impressive full bodied taste, and finally pictured above the Behike 56.

I have tasted the first two mentioned and every word printed about the smaller of the three was true and then some.  The Behike 52 had a sweet, medium strength profile that had me mesmerized from first puff to the last finger burning draw that impressed me so much.  I was glad that the 52 got all of the recognition that it received because it was one of the best cigars I had ever smoked.  I was able to experience the Behike 54  last September on a drive to Edmonton with a good friend and we passed it back and forth as we tried to identify all of the rich flavors present in it’s profile. The 54 gave a different performance than the 52 in that it had a bit more punch and darker chocolate flavors were definitely present.

I was gifted this Behike 56 in the picture a week ago and I’m not sure exactly when I will be lighting it up.  I was with my friend, Tom, for the first 2 Behikes we tried and I can’t leave him out for the final in the trilogy.  We’re planning a golf trip to Ontario next week and I’m thinking that it will be the perfect time to let this one show us what its made of.  The Medio Tiempo leaves that sometimes appear at the top of the tobacco plant are rolled into the filler of these three cigars which was the selling point that, in a way, justified the price of these cigars.  These upper leaves are somewhat rare so these cigars sell at a bit of a premium.  If you believe that the inclusion of these leaves are the only reason for the price, you would be mistaken since the care taken when constructing these cigars is very high and the look of these cigars will tell you that probably only the best rollers get the chance to assemble these gems.

The Vancouver Cigar Company has been able to get these three cigars since they were introduced and Trevor will be able to help you choose which one would be best for your taste.  My humble opinion would be……. Try all three !