Cuban Bundle Cigars

There are those who need to drive a very expensive foreign car that is decorated with a shining stainless steel logo attached to the hood and also displayed somewhere on the rear of the car that tells the rest of the world that they simply won’t settle for anything else.  Women are spending billions these days on purses and accessories that display logos from fashion designers who charge a healthy sum to those who wish to do free advertising for them.  If I had to put my possessions in a bag and carry these objects from place to place I’m sure a name on that bag would be quite meaningless compared to the quality of fabric, the quality of it’s zippers…. I DON’T care about these things, I simply want a good car and quality items that don’t break down..

Now getting to cigars……  I want a cigar that tastes great, has a decent burn and a good draw.  PERIOD….  I love all Cuban cigars when their time has come, which means I love cigars whose tobacco has fermented nicely in my humidor and a cigar whose ammonia is pretty much non-existent.. This is the time to light one up and taste what Cuba intended me to taste…..

Lets now get to the bands on the cigars.  I love the decoration the band gives a cigar but the band isn’t what I am smoking.. Its the tobacco…… This is why I want to direct your attention up to the picture I took of just a few of the cigars I picked up from Trevor yesterday at “The Vancouver Cigar Company”.  These are the bundle cigars that I smoke almost daily, in this case the Churchills.  I’ve written about them before but I can’t turn my back on the fact that they are now becoming some of my favorite Cubans and I’ve smoked literally hundreds of them and will continue to do so as long as they are available.

I’m not sure exactly what brand these are since they are factory seconds and they are rolled from the same tobacco by the same people in the same factories that produce the finest cigars in the world.  They just don’t have bands on them and I DON’T CARE ONE BIT!  The price is less than half of what you’d pay for a Romeo Churchill and way less than half of what you’d pay for an Esplendidos…..but……. Wait until you taste one…. Hey, wait until you taste one that has been aging for a year in your humidor!!!  Last year I smoked over 100 of these bundle Churchills and the Robustos that were a few years old so I’m very very familiar with the quality of the tobacco and the cigar..

I’ve compared them to the Romeo y Julieta Churchill and I believe, that day, if I would have been wearing a blindfold I might not have been able to tell you the difference.  But that was THAT day…. Every day is different with cigars, because they really DO evolve and change in a humidor,  so I wouldn’t be able to say for sure what band really belongs on these cigars.

The bundle Churchills have notes of cedar and all of the beans that intermingle on your palate  and give you the feeling that you really DO have something special in your hand…. The bundle Robustos are also a full flavored cigar that comes to you at half the price….

I simply love these and wonder why they are so cheap… Do yourself a favor and try them.. You will NOT be disappointed !!

PS:  if you Really want to save your money, try the bundled Coronas.. Cheaper yet and WOW… Fantastic flavor!