Cuban Cigars Because You DESERVE Them !!!

A week ago I had lunch with a TV director from L.A. who told me that he believed that spending large amounts of money on Cuban cigars and expensive wine was pure madness..  We were having a nice chat and then he dropped that bomb on the conversation and I was taken aback for a moment or two.. I wasn’t sure how to defend the point that fine quality red wine, either from France or any part of the world was worth every penny you spend and I also wasn’t sure what to say about spending what I do on Cuban cigars.  I let this conversation sit with me for a few days.

Cuban cigars, in my humble opinion, are worth every penny because the quality of tobacco and care in production.  When I speak of the quality of tobacco I keep thinking about the different individuals who left Cuba after the revolution and the results they found after planting Cuban tobacco seed on different Islands and in different parts of the world.  Nothing has come close !! Now I agree that cigars from different countries have beauty and complexity but there is nothing like a Cuban cigar and around the world, on a daily basis, people will shell out more for what they believe is a superlative product.

This is where I get to my point about what I believe you deserve.  I don’t think that there is any need for fiscal responsibility when it comes to assessing the quality of our character, how much we are loved by others and by putting limitations on what we occasionally spend on ourselves.  I believe that our self image should be regarded ( by ourselves ) as the best in the world, top of the heap and all Olympic Gold Medal Winners!!  The moment I start telling myself that I don’t deserve the very best is the moment that I start sabotaging my happiness and potential.

I tend to smoke a lot of Cuban cigars.  The picture above is one of a 12 ” high beaker filled with the bands of Cubans that I well probably consume in a year.  Some years I smoke more but this is only September and it is full already.. This is what I believe I deserve, this is what you deserve and there is no reason why a passion like this should have any limitations.  I want as much as I can squeeze out of life, I want the best in the world and although I don’t have drawers full of Faberge Eggs, I have a foot high beaker that is filled with the proof that I have tasted the finest!