Cuban Cigars…. German Beer

A cigar you WON’T see in the picture above is my last H. Upmann Magnum 48 that was torched and smoked last night, paired with an awesome German Lager and for the first time I had a great time with both in the same room.. Not sure why but through the years I felt that beer and cigars don’t work together but I was in a mood to try something different and it worked out just fine.

The deck was a bit cool but I chose to dress for the occasion and as the sun went down, my little Upmann burned perfectly, evenly and the taste had smoothened out and was balanced beautifully.  The 2009 Edicion Limitada is probably still available so it won’t be taking me long to call my friends at “The Vancouver Cigar Company” for another box.  These are a GREAT cigar that should be tried while they can still be found.

I remember being in Germany a few years back around Christmas and if you ever want to see a happy group of people, try going into the centre of town ( which ever city you may be visiting ) and check out their christmas markets.  You’ll smell spiced wine in the air, potatoes and sausages cooking and no shortage of German beer on tap.. Pull up a stool, sit back, light a Cuban cigar and soak in the scene like I did in Berlin back in 2007.  It was a great Christmas.

This is what was going through my mind last night as I happily puffed away and sipped on the Beck’s.. I know that this year, we’ll be staying in Vancouver at Christmas but the winter of 2007 is one that I can’t wait to repeat.