El Rey Del Mundo’s Charm


The picture above will show the slightly oily wrapper around some of my favorite robustos from El Rey Del Mundo, the Choix Supreme ..   I’ve written about these before and each time I go to my humidor and choose one of these great cigars to accompany me in the golf cart I always get more inspired to write about them.. A few days back I went golfing on a great sunny, Yes it CAN happen in Vancouver, day and this cigar didn’t do a darn thing for my game but as I sat in the golf cart, I enjoyed this cigar even more than when I first picked up this box a year ago from “The Vancouver Cigar Company”.

An abundance of patience is really required to hang on to a cigar of this caliber and let it age instead of smoking the whole box in the first month but my efforts have been rewarded with this cigar’s profile maturing and gaining more beauty as each month passes.  Would I be able to hang on to these for years??  Probably not, but the nice thing about having a great relationship with a cigar company of this quality means that there will always be another day when the phone will ring and I’ll hear that a new limited edition Cuban cigar will be available or something I’ve been waiting for has arrived.

After the revolution in Cuba this brand continued to exist and smokers world wide have been enjoying it’s more medium flavored profile.  I, for one, am not really convinced that this is a medium flavored cigar.  Although it is rated as such, I feel that this brand offers a full bodied profile of spicy nutmeg, gingerbread and coffees in it’s profile and will NEVER disappoint any Cuban aficionado.