Fonseca Delicias.. Smooth.. Rich

A few days ago I picked up a few cigars from Trevor at the “Vancouver Cigar Company” and in the assortment were a few Foncesa Delicias.  This is a cigar that I smoke from time to time when I don’t have a lot of smoking time and I pick this one for the sheer satisfaction of having a slightly milder smoke. This hand finished standard vitola is 4.8 inches long with a ring gauge of 40.  It gets great ratings from seasoned cigar smokers because of the richness but is also a favorite with new smokers because of it’s size and mildness.

What took me by surprise last night was the richness and very interesting creamy taste.  After first lighting this little beauty I noticed, like I usually do with this cigar, the mild taste but after about half an inch later the cream started coming through the notes and stayed throughout the length of smoking time.  Just because this cigar is mild doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a bit of complexity to it.  Rum is definitely one of the notes that you’ll detect and a slight hint of vanilla gives you a tasty finish.

It took me just over an hour to smoke the Delicias and during that time I couldn’t help but think of the Canadian woman’s Olympic hockey team celebrating on the ice after winning the gold with these cigars.  This is a wonderfully smooth smoke that left me wondering why I don’t buy them more often.