Groundhog Day at R y J…..

Everyone in the work place, to a small agree, must have jobs that tend to get a bit mundane and familiar after a while and the need for time off, holidays or maybe even a change of professions keep one sane.  We cigar smokers love the fact that Cuba has been producing the finest tobacco products on the planet for … well.. centuries !  Consider, for the time being, the Briones Montoto factory on Calle O’Reilly in Havana.  Before 1959 it was called the Romeo y Julieta factory and since it has been built in the mid nineteenth century, nothing has changed ….. right down to the rolling tables, stairs, walls and well, none of it.  Over 100 years of day to day cigar production that have been identical from year to year… Now THAT’s “Groundhog Day”….

The Cuban “Torcedores” have been sitting at these tables

and rolling over 32,000 handmade cigars a day, totaling a staggering 10,000,000 each year and nothing has been altered in the process since day 1.  This is why we find the beauty and the consistency of Cuban cigars to be so intoxicating and why we’ll pay a premium price for them as long as they are rolled!