Gurkha VS Montecristo

Last night a good friend and I had a few cigars at his place and we tried something that was very entertaining.  I brought over a few cigars and was interested in seeing how the two would compare.  One was a Gurkha Titan and the other was a Montecristo No. 4.  It was a real David and Goliath contest because the Titan was around a 56 ring gauge and the monte No. 4…. Well, you know…….

I had been saving the Titan for about a year and was waiting for a very special occasion to light it up, finally coming to the conclusion that there might not be that sort of a reason and decided to torch the darn thing in the spirit of a healthy competition.  The Monte will hold it’s own in most situations because of the full flavor and very consistent construction but I wasn’t sure of the Gurkha.

Upon first few puffs I found the Gurkha to be mild and interesting, great construction and perfect draw with just the right amount of resistance.  The Monte was a bit of a wind tunnel but I love that in a cigar because of the control you can have.  Both burned very evenly and behaved very well.  The Gurkha had an amazing white ash, very different from the Monte which burned with that ever present gray color ash.  The big difference was in the flavor comparison.  Wow, big difference.

The Gurkha’s Maduro wrapper was almost perfect in every way which falls right in line with their dedication to using the best tobaccos in the construction of their cigars but I just couldn’t get the same enjoyment out of the Titan like I was getting from the Monte.  Now this might be a bit unfair because of my passion for Cuban tobacco.  I can’t seem to get the same out of a Non-Cuban no matter how many different cigars I sample.  I have to admit that my opinion is very slanted in the Cuban direction but I have to say that my buddy, Tom, was enjoying the Gurkha very much and smoked the whole cigar down to the nub.  I envy his open mindedness in a contest of this nature and as years go by I’m hoping that my palette will graduate to to the level where I can see all of the different values that a cigar has to offer…….