H. Upmann’s Recent Consistency


One of the things I love about the H. Hpmann brand is that in 1844, the whole cigar line came from the generosity of Herman Upmann when he started to give out cigars in decorated boxes as promotional items for his banking firm.  As years went by he became more and more involved in the cigar business and was awarded with gold awards from different international expositions.  The gold awards are still represented on the brand’s cigar boxes which, in my mind, still is very deserving when you consider that aficionados world wide are saying that Upmann cigars are entering into a golden age because of the quality of their tobacco and construction.

Consistency is everything and that is why I chose the H. Upmann No 2 in the picture above, these torpedos have been getting a great reputation as of late and there’s yet another reason to stock up on something that will enable you to start off with an already great cigar when aging in your humidor.  I happen to like the taste of a young cigar as well as aged and I have, in the past, as well as fabulous young cigars had a box or two of young cigars that were not that great to begin with.  What happens next is that you decide to hold on to them for a few years in anticipation of their improvement after further fermentation and although the cigar will improve and mellow, you still may not get the desired effect when, after all,  a cigar is of average quality when you first get it.

H. Upmann, in the Jose Marti factory, makes many sizes and shapes that are fitting for all circumstances in your day to day cigar smoking needs, from small tubos to a sizable Julieta No. 2.  These cigars will give an aroma in the room that is classic, rich and beautiful and will remind you of years gone by when you first became exposed to Cuban cigars.  I smoked more Upmanns during my visit to Cuba then any other cigars and I can tell you that their aroma takes me back with lightning speed.