Hoyo De Monterrey Palmas Extra


Light up a Hoyo de Monterrey Palmas Extra, taste the wonderful flavors that HDM makes available, think about what you just paid for a cigar of this quality and you’ll ask yourself if you’ve just rubbed a magic lamp and a kind and generous Genie made this all happen.  Probably not, although there are times when I wish it was that easy.  From time to time, if you shop around and make yourself aware of the great deals available, you can find hidden gems in a store that offers Cuban cigars for sale.  This is just what happened a few years back when I went to “The Vancouver Cigar Company” and decided to see what $12 would buy.

I remember tasting my first Palmas from HDM and thinking that it was a great cigar for the money and then I left a few in the back of my humidor and forgot about them.  They were hiding under some Montecristo Edmundos that I was aging so I wasn’t even aware that I still had them.  Being fortunate that my memory is starting to slip only really works out for the better when I stumble across hidden gems like this.

This “Cremas” has a 40 ring gauge and 5 1/2 inches long, making it yet another great cigar to smoke when time doesn’t permit you to enjoy something larger.  An hour is what you’ll get from this cigar but don’t assume that just because it is a bit smaller that you’ll be smoking a milder cigar.  Spicy is going to be the first word that pops into your head as soon as you light this one up.

I’ve been smoking a lot of Romeo y Julietas lately and this morning’s cigar, although having a definite HDM profile, reminded me a bit of the spiciness that you taste in a Romeo.  Of course it wasn’t identical in flavor but this is a cigar that seasoned cigar smokers will enjoy.  Spice, cedar and dark chocolate with subtle hints of strong coffee are the notes that reveal themselves as this cigar burns along.  There was no magic Genie, just a forgotten cigar that aged for a few years .